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All Of Us Possess HIDDEN Subconscious Self Sabotaging Behaviours Limiting Results In Areas Of our Life That Are Important To Us & We Desire Better Results In.

Are you tired of feeling stuck in any area of life, relationships, business or investing, held back by hidden subconscious behaviours that limit your success?  Keep hitting the same class ceilings, or experiencing sub optimal results no matter what you try?

Look no further than Perry Mardon - the expert who can help you identify and gain clarity about these sub-conscious barriers in just one appointment. Gone are the days of endless sessions and wasted dollars with other professionals. With Perry's one-of-a-kind approach, you can achieve your goals and transform your life in no time at all.

His unique ability to provide a clear path forward within minutes of meeting with you will leave you amazed.

No matter what area of life you're struggling in - relationships, lack of purpose, career, business, investing, health, or finances - Perry can help.

And if you're a business owner or investor, look below regarding his specialized services to take your success to the next level.If you're reading this, you've likely been referred to Perry - and for good reason. Don't wait any longer to take the first step towards the life you deserve. Book a chat with Perry today and experience the difference for yourself.


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If you find it hard to believe that your subconscious makes decisions without your rational awareness WATCH THIS!


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Perry acts as a guide and sounding board to business owners and investors.

➡️ Business Owners. Escape the daily grind of business with a more passively owned  business.

Perry has helped over 65 business owners achieve passive ownership and enjoy a life beyond the daily operations of their businesses. Plus he owns his own passively owned businesses.

His expertise, intellectual property (passive business formula) and tailored guidance are the keys to success. Perry believes that if you can't take a 6-week holiday from your business, it's not truly yours.

Join the ranks of Telstra business award winners and finalists who have already transformed their businesses with Perry's guidance.

Take control of your business and your life today. 


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➡️ High Performance Investing!


Take control of your investments with High Performance Investing by Perry Mardon. Perry possesses a unique talent in helping investors identify and overcome subconscious belief systems, biases, fears, and doubts that hinder successful investing.

He teaches investors to overcome the emotional disturbances and stresses impacting optimal decision making. 

  • Email Perry for a copy of his high performance investor training (free). 
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➡️ Business Consulting and Advisory Services

Experience the power of exceptional strategy and insights with Perry Mardon.
As a trusted advisor to business owners, investors, property developers, and entrepreneurs, Perry leverages his unique talent of recognising limiting subconscious beliefs, extensive knowledge of human behavior, and sharp strategic mind to guide clients through business transitions, including sale preparation, business acquisition, mergers and acquisitions, partnership navigation, revenue stream discovery, and maximizing profits.


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Perry is a very experienced facilitator of human transformation and strategic guide to business owners and investors.


“Perry has an amazing ability to see what we are not able to see”


Perry has an amazing ability to see what we are not able to see. I have worked with Perry off and on when ever I needed clarity about my business direction or the challenges I was facing.

-Trevor Richards, Rose Bay, Sydney, Australia


“I used to literally give my services away for FREE! Now my top rate is $495 per hour and I am booked solid for WEEKS in advance!”


Within six months of working with Perry, I increased my annual turn-over by $70000.


-Lorraine Mill, Hervey Bay, Queensland: Natural Therapist


“I lied to test him – He got me in 2 seconds flat”


I was skeptical at first so I lied about myself to test him. He got me in 2 seconds flat – it floored me a bit. But he was right about me.


-Jeff Michaels, Tonbridge, London, UK



“I don’t know how he does it but it works”


Perry has an incredible ability to see right inside you and identify key areas of your makeup, its sabotages, strengths, weaknesses and gifts. I don’t know how he does it but it works.


-David Briggs, Briggs Mechanics, Parnell, Auckland, NZ


“His reading ability is nothing less than miraculous”


Perry has helped me immensely over the years with the unconscious patterns I was bringing to trading. His reading ability is nothing less than miraculous. My trading profit has increased by 40% per month. This started 2 months after my first appointment with Perry.

-Andrew Somerfield, Potts Point, Sydney, Australia



“Perry's teaching changed my life and my salon”


Perry show me that being overly nice to get liked gets you nowhere and is often a sign of a lack of self-respect. Perry showed me how to be firm and have rules and how to attract staff that support me and my goals. 

-Darrelea Curran, Salon Owner



“He’s Extremely Intuitive”


I was shocked at how intuitive Perry was.  He took me down a completely different track than I expected and he was right. He's so fast at getting to know you at a core level and I get the sense that he knows how to work with people differently according to what they need, rather than having one style.

-Damara Ryder Damara Ryder LLB, Lawyer & Arbonne Executive Regional Vice President 



“Life Transforming”


 I was skeptical at first because I am quite conservative by nature but now all I can say is ....outstanding…Personally life transforming; professionally Profit Raising. There is nothing like Perry’s work to absolutely smash financial ceilings anywhere else in this business world. Sometimes he hurts, he does not hold back, he goes straight to the core of your problem - but my god does it make a difference to your profit.

-Sarah Toby, Software development, London.



“Perry’s abilities are mind blowing!”


As a professional Kinesiologist and healer I have confirmed on many occasions when working with Perry the power and accuracy of Perry’s ability to access the hidden sabotage patterns that undermine success in business and personal life.

-Warren Rose, Professional Therapist



“Perry’s amazing at getting to the crux of the issue!”


Perry is amazing at  reading people and getting to the crux of the issue - it saves time cutting through the façade

-Zeffy Brown, QLD

“Amazing Experience”


My appointment was amazing. Perry looks right inside you. I felt like he had x-ray specs and could find out anything he wanted about me. He showed me why I always sabotaged my wealth creation and spent half an hour getting me to be more conscious about the moments I moved to sabotage.

-Susan Watts, Watts Financial Planning, Seven Oaks, London UK



“Absolutely Intelligent”

Perry showed me the real reasons I sabotage my relationships quickly, clearly and precisely. Then he showed me what I needed to start doing to change my relationship with my present wife. He knew more about me than my mum could possibly know.

-David Lawrence, Watford, London, UK



“You cannot hide, Perry is able to see through all the mess you are using to hide behind”


To me, the biggest impact of Perry's ability is that you cannot hide. You get an honest appraisal of where you are at in your business and in your life, and then you can start to work on what is causing you to be in that frame of mind. It speeds the process up no end as Perry is able to see through all the 'mess' you are using to hide behind.

-David Hanley, Oakland Investments, Silverstone Group, Brisbane



“He’s Incredible!”


Having Perry as a business coach is pretty incredible – he knows what my staff are up to. There is nowhere for them or me to hide. He asks nothing less than perfection in performance.

-Scott Lambert, Byron Bay Gym, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia.



“Unbelievably accurate”


Never met anyone like him – just straight to the point. There is no bullshit with Perry. He just says it how it is.

-Rechelle Watt, Lamonde Hair Face Body



“Simply Phenomenal!”


He just goes straight in from the heart, incredible clarity and speed, he works to help you understand your sabotage patterns and things that are stopping you getting what you want.

-Dianne Skelly Herron, Entrepreneur, Gold Coast, Australia



“He’s a Master”


I worked with Perry Mardon on a number of occasions. He's a master at uncovering your sabotage patterns that go on inside of you and how your unconsciousness works. I highly recommend working with him.

-Dr Mike Belich, Integrative Medical Clinics, Greater Brisbane Area



“He has this unique ability”


Perry’s unique ability to identify incongruences within what I say I want and the actions I take has made a huge difference to our investing environment and bottom line. I don't know how he knows so much about me and how I live and invest but the results speak for themselves

-Angela Adamo, Investor, Sydney.



“He's like a corporate Sleuth”


Working with Perry is like having access to a corporate sleuth or lie detector machine…I couldn’t get away with anything that took me away from the result I wanted. My sales success rate has more than doubled since Perry started working with me

-Thomas Davis, Business Coach, Brisbane.



“He can zone in on the important issues”


Amazing ability to read people so quickly and accurately - it's daunting! Very personable and charismatic. Obviously knowledgeable. Very intuitive - he's able to zone in on what the important issues are.

-Catriona Pratt, West Leederville, WA



“He doesn't back away from addressing the important issues”


Perry is good at getting to the bottom of blocks very quickly and providing strategies for moving on. He 'gets it' really quickly and doesn't back away from addressing the important issues.

-Fay Goodchild


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